About Us 

The issue of poverty and homelessness will always persist if we do not provide the necessary resources and assistance to the less fortunate in our society. But, it must be noted that more than providing assistance, empowering young people who have the capacity to transform their lives is more important.  

This is the reason why the Young Detroit Builders Program was born. The goal really is to empower members of the community, specifically the youth, with the knowledge and skills needed in order to make changes in their lives. This is vital in order to make them productive members of society and uplift the lives of their families. As they say, it more important to teach young men and women how to fish rather than simply spoon feeding them.  

As a result, we started this training program in 1993. We gathered all possible funders in the city of Detroit to come together and create this training program. Through the years, we have continued to improve this, add more services and partners in order to make this a success.  

As an important indicator of success, we now have more than 1,000 young people who have graduated from this program. They are now living better lives and providing for the needs of their families. Most of them have been able to lift their families from poverty and lead decent lives, From being homeless, with some even engaging in petty thievery, now they are living a life of their choosing, providing for their own needs and that of their families and making sure that their next generation are moving towards a better future.  

If you are one of Detroit’s youths and you feel that you qualify for this program, do not hesitate to send us an email. Just hit the Contact Us tab and get in touch with us now.