Application Process 

Are you a young adult from Detroit? Be part of the Young Detroit Builders Program. See the information below on how you can be a part of it.  

Qualifications Required:  

  1. You must be less than 25 years old and a resident of Detroit.  
  1. You must come from a family of low income background. A certification that provides proof of this is required upon submission of application.  
  1. You must not possess a high school diploma. Part of the training program provides assistance for achieving GED certification leading to a post-secondary certificate and preparation.  
  1. You must have the heart and courage to finish the intensive 10-month program that we offer. We conduct a battery of interviews to test your mettle so that we can be assured that you will go through the program and will not drop out in the middle of the program.  


Application Process:  

  1. The first step to applying for the program is by sending us an email. Just hit the Contact Us tab to know our email address and send us a letter of intent.  
  1. Upon receipt of your email, we will send you a form for you to fill up and will be requiring some documentation. Please make sure that you properly fill up the form and provide the required proof of income.  
  1. If we deem you qualified to proceed to the next step of the process, we will send you an email inviting you for a preliminary interview and to take our tests. We have a rigorous selection process which will require you to pass three different interview panels.  
  1. Once selected, you will receive an email stating the conditions of your award. Please note that in the course of the entire selection process, we will never ask for payment. Please beware of any individual or entity asking for payment in exchange for being selected for the Young Detroit Builders award.